The Importance Of Water

Severe dehydration can be life threatening, but even mild dehydration can cause problems ranging from headaches and irritability to impaired cognition. Being even slightly dehydrated can also affect your workout performance and recovery. Your body is comprised of about 65% water, and it needs to be properly hydrated to function at it’s best. Wether it’s pumping blood

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The Power of Food

Hippocrates is considered the father of modern medicine and one of his most famous quotes is “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.

Expressing the importance of our daily food choices, the relevance of this phrase is stronger than ever. Nutrition, or lack there of, is an underlying theme for just about every health concern we may experience today.

While the healing properties of food have been reported throughout history, recently clinical research has shown specifically which health benefits individual foods can offer, identifying the various nutrients associated with these benefits. More research needs to be done but for the sake of losing body fat, building muscles and feeling better we’d suggest you start chowing down on fruits and vegetables.

The key is to eat these foods in their natural, unprocessed states in order to take advantage of all their wonderful health benefits. There is truly a cornucopia of nutritional benefits that have been discovered. Here are a few:

  1. Celery Juice dilates blood vessels, lowering blood pressure
  2. Spinach neutralizes free radicals, slowing the signs of aging
  3. Radishes increase oxygen to the blood & help treat jaundice by detoxifying the liver
  4. Avocado aids in regulating and stabilizing blood sugar.
  5. Tomatoes contains lutein necessary to protect you from age-related eye degeneration
  6. Lemon Juice can calm nausea, vomiting and travel sickness
  7. Bananas contain tryptophan which regulates mood, helping you relax and feel happier
  8. Ginger contains beta-glucans which reduce the risk of hormone related cancers
  9. Quinoa lowers blood pressure & helps with migraines
  10. Potatoes are packed with vitamin B6, potassium & iron, keeping your heart strong
  11. Cherries lower uric acid levels eliminating gout
  12. Garlic is antiviral and anti fungal and can be used for curing ear aches
  13. Onions help to heal kidneys
  14. Basil is antibacterial & helps eliminate infections
  15. Strawberries are anti-inflammatory & lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  16. Carrots nourish skin with their beta carotene
  17. Pears are considered hypoallergenic and boost the immune system with vitamin C & copper
  18. Rhubarb is high in calcium, important for strong bones
  19. Apple Cider Vinegar cleanses the kidneys
  20. Turmeric contains circumin which reduces inflammation, helping eliminate arthritis pain
  21. Leafy Greens have a bioflavonoid known as ‘Quercetin’ which can help cut down on allergies
  22. Pineapple has bromelain, a respiratory healer that removes phlegm and mucus

Start by incorporating some of these foods into your daily diet. Your body will have more energy and you’ll feel better.

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