April 2016 Member Of The Month

We’ve already had one heck of a month here at Arizona Training Lab. I want to make sure that we don’t forget the importance of our Members Of The Month. These are people that come in and crush their workouts. On top of that, they participate in a variety of things and make the overall community awesome.

This month’s member of the month has been coming since the beginning. She can bake a mean chicken parmesan and loves a good ab workout. So when you see her next, tell her congrats. She deserves it!


1.How long have you been coming to Arizona Training Lab?10306241_10201624232724944_3288880700367770037_n

I have been a proud member of AZ Training Lab since they opened the doors 3 years ago. I cannot believe it has been three years!


2. What is your favorite part about Arizona Training Lab?

My favorite thing about AZ Training Lab is the support and encouragement of the dedicated trainers, the challenging workouts and the wonderful people that I train with every day.


3.If you could create the perfect Bootcamp class which exercises WOULD you include? (This will be used at the end of the month as an actual workout)

Ab Wheel
Bosu Crunch
Squat and Pull
Box Step Up


4. Top 3 workout songs:

Raise your Glass – PINK
So What – PINK
Blow Me (One last kiss)- PINK


5. What advice would you give to anyone interested in coming to Arizona Training Lab?

Start now, stick with it, and foam roll often!


6. What is your favorite restaurant and what do you order there? (Can definitely be as cheat meal!)

Twisted Grove, I always order the Balsamic, Bacon Brussels Sprouts! Sounds boring, but trust me they are amazing!! Oh and a glass of Sauvigoun Blanc!

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