January Member of the Month

The first 2015 Member of the Month (January) is probably one of the best individuals we could have asked for to lead the way in 2015. Read more

Keeping Knee Pain Away

If you start experiencing pain in your knee but you haven’t done anything in particular to injure yourself, it is quite possible that it’s tightness in the surrounding muscles that is the culprit. Knees are the most commonly injured joints in the body. Some of these injuries can be attributed to unnatural twisting & turning or perhaps overuse, but often the pain comes from the surrounding muscles being too tight. This tightness pulls the knee out of alignment which causes every movement it to be slightly off. The force and pressure that the knee is subjected to can be over four times your body weight which can easily aggravate the joint if it isn’t able to move throughout it’s proper range of motion. Read more