Can a Salad Be That Bad?

We often ask people “what are you eating these days” and more times than not we get a response that includes salads. It’s a popular choice because it’s easy to prepare and relatively healthy. Read more

Super Food for Thought – Avocados

We sit with clients daily and a question that is often asked is how can I increase my caloric intake with quality foods?  When understanding Carbs, Proteins, and Fats many people start to realize they are way under their caloric requirements that we recommend specifically for them. Read more

Runner’s Beware! Overuse Causes this Common Injury.

Shin splints. That dreaded, two-word, syndrome that every runner fears and often misunderstands. As an athletic trainer, and occasional runner, I have plenty of experience trying to beat and treat said syndrome. Hopefully some of what I have to share will shed some light on the care and prevention of shin splints. Read more

Tight Glutes (Butt)

This past weekend was a doozy. Arizona Training Lab was fortunate enough to have Bret Contreras (aka the glute guy) come by and host a 2 and half hour “butt” seminar. Read more

To go workout

Often times we are asked what types of workouts can be done when traveling. We highly recommend you purchase bands as they are easy to pack and can provide a solid total body workout.  In the near future we will have a few different workout videos for your pleasure on youtube. Until then, here is a good body weight workout that you can do when you are out of town. Read more